Minimum Disclosurre Norms (Page 3)


    Profile of Teaching Staff :

Year Joined
Desig- nation
Qualifi- cation
No. of Publications
National Journal
International Journal
Seminar & Con- ference
Sri D.C. Pateria 1980 Lecturer (Economics) M.A. (Eco.)        
Dr. Chunna 1881 areader (Geography) M.A., Ph.D.        
Sri Dhani Ram 1983 Lecturer (Maths) M.Sc. (Maths)        
Dr. R.N.Singh Yadav 2001 Lecturer (Sans.) M.A., Ph.D.       02
Dr. Anand Goswami 1998 Lecturer (History) M.A., Ph.D., NET       01
Dr. Ashok Kumar 2006 Lecturer (Eco) M.A., NET       01
Sri Heera Lal 2005 Contract Lecturer (Commerce) M.Com., NET        
Ku. Rekha Srivastava 2006 Contract Lecturer (Sociology) M.A., NET        
Smt. Ruchi Jaiswal 2005 Contract Lecturer (Zoology) M.Sc., SLET        
Sri Dipak Singh 2006 Contract Lecturer (Pol. Sc.) M.A. Phil.        
Sri Abhilash Singh 2008 Contract Lecturer (Pol. Sc.) M.A. Phil.        
Dr. Riti Chaturvedi 2008 Contract Lecturer (History) M.A., Ph.D.        


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