Vision & Mission


          We must be knowledge creators rather than merely knowledge consumers we must constantly train our teachers & staff, men and woman who work us. We must recognize their merit and respect their dignity They must have a sense of loyalty and their compensation must be fair & adequate, There must be a clean, orderly and enjoyable environment We must inculcate in our students principle bound- self discipline, and ability to "take charge" They must learn to realize and perform and build personality, so as to be an asset to any organization they are associated with They must be ready to face the challenges of competitive with.

         They must be ready to face the challenges of competitive world and be a successful entrepreneur our final responsibility is to the community, in which we live work, and the environment and resources we are endowed by Mother Nature to enjoy.


         Our mission is to provide value based Education to the aspiring students and thereby to remain as a center of excellence in the areas of education.

         The College of India enables its students to make a difference. It provides the opportunity for highly motivated young people from diverse backgrounds to transcend the boundaries of race, religion, ethnicity, class, caste, gender and nationality and to develop a critical consciousness of the issues and causes of division in our world. It fosters a sense of purpose and the determination to oppose narrow- minded nationalism, intolerance and injustice. Graduates are politically and environmentally aware agents of change, with a life-long commitment to seeking creative solutions to global, regional and local conflicts.


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